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Frequently Asked Questions
What do classes normally consist of?

Each class is a combination of Ballet, Tap or Jazz (depending on class skill level), and tumbling. Younger classes focus on learning Ballet technique, Tap and Tumbling. While older classes begin to learn more lyrical/ contemporary dance along with jazz, floor work, and Tumbling. 

Solo's vs. Partner Dances?

In order to do a Solo at the Performance there are a few prerequisites. A dancer must have performed at least one partner dance on stage for a performance. They must be able to remember where to put props down at the end of their dance without being reminded and exit the stage properly. They also must have at least 10 dance skills memorized and be able to perform those skills using the whole stage. Dancer's usually feel comfortable and confident enough in their skills and performing alone to do this around the age of 10.

Partner Dances are an important first step as it allows the dancers to get use to being on stage, sometimes for the first time. Making it easier for them to not only memorize at least 5 skills only using half the stage, but it also gets them use to being in front of an audience. Helping avoid throwing them in front of 300 people alone on stage for the first time expecting them to remember their elements and use the whole stage. That way if they freeze on stage they can look over at their partner, realized they're not alone and try to keep dancing. This also helps them look to each other for help when needed. They also get a choice of 3 different props to use during their partner dance. 

Trial Classes?

2 trial classes are offered to new students to not only see if the child is interested but to also gage their  level of preparedness. 

Pick Up Classes? 

Pick Up classes are usually only offered to students who can't commit to a full season of dance or participate in performances, but want to still be a part of class by dropping in occasionally or as often as they can. Pick up classes are $15 each. Only offered if there are openings in the class. If you are utilizing an open spot for pick up classes and another student comes in and wants to commit to the the season you will be offered the permanent spot in the class first. If you still cannot commit to the season the open spot would be offered to the dancer who can commit and your pick up classes would only continue if there were another spot available. 

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