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Class Info

Weekly classes are held in the evenings for school aged students, and during the day for Homeschooled students. Classes are offered for various age groups and levels.

Class size limited to 8 students

Each 1 hour class is a compilation of dance and tumbling. Depending on your child's age they will be learning a combination of modern ballet and tap with tumbling, or lyrical, contemporary and Jazz dance with tumbling. 

Registration form is located in the brochure below, and can be printed out brought into the studio on the first day of class with first month tuition payment. 

     New Students Call 540-333-2034 for class placement 

Tuition Fees

Full Season Tuition - September thru May - $400 ($50 discount)

             Full season tuition must be paid at the beginning of the season.


Monthly Tuition - $50 ($450 for season)

              Paid at the beginning of each month, no later than the 2nd week of the month.

Full Summer Class Tuition - June thru August - $120 (if paid on or before the first day of class)

             Summer Monthly Tuition - June $50, July: $40, August: $40

Drop in Summer Classes - $15 per class


Tuition is used to hold your spot in the class, whether you attend class or not. 

Only Full Season Tuition includes the Spring Performance costume. Classes are not held during the month of December to celebrate the Holidays. December Monthly Tuition Payment is used as costume payment for the Spring Recital. 

                                                                                                                          **Sorry no refunds**

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